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 Multi-lingual adventure for kids--English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian--with built-in teaching guides, these foreign language vocabulary builders are used extensively as teaching aids by language teachers, ESL teachers and middle school reading teachers.


The Cats of the CIA Set

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Get Fred-X: The Cats of the C.I.A.
ISBN 1-934645-77-X
EAN 978-1-934645-77-2
Trade Paperback 6 X 9  140 Pages
Fully Illustrated $19.95
Juvenile Reader/Crossover to Adult Reader

A prequel to complete the highly successful first trilogy of the Cats of the C.I.A. series, Get Fred-X introduces the cats and their sidekick, Cincinnati the dancing pig, international crime fighters who work for the C.I.A., Cats In Action, secret organization run out of the White House basement by Socks. More

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Fred-X Rising: I Gatti of the C.I.A.
ISBN  1-57168-698-6 
Trade Paperback 6 X 9  204 Pages
Fully Illustrated  $19.95
For Readers Age Eight and Up – Adults, too

    Continuing the adventures of the clever and lovable cats introduced in the wildly successful Hunt for Fred-X, Buzzer Louis is summoned to Italy this time by his cousin Césare Pepperoni Giaccomazza who heads up the Rome Bureau of Interpol to once again track down that evil international catnabbing villain Fred-X. More


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Tango With a Puma: Los Gatos of the C.I.A.
ISBN 10: 1-934645-96-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-934645-96-3
Trade Paperback  6 X 9, 240 Pages
Fully Illustrated $19.95
Juvenile Reader/Crossover to Adult Reader

Capitán Paloma Pérez and her assistant, Teniente Guillermo “Chuck” Trovarsi, of the PFA – Policía Federal de Argentina -- want Buzzer and Cincinnati to come to Buenos Aires to help capture Carlos once again... More




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Eiffel’s Trifles and Troubles
Les Chats of the C.I.A.
ISBN 10: 1-935632-16-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-935632-16-0
Trade Paperback 282 pages
Fully Illustrated $19.95
Juvenile Reader/Crossover to Adult Reader

In this fifth book of the semi-bilingual Cats of the CIA series, set in France, the four Texas Cats and their sidekick, Cincinnati the dancing pig, try to track down the infamous international terrorist, Carlos the puma. Carlos, on five-million Euros assignment from a distant descendant of Emperor Franz Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, lay intricate plans to blow up one of the most prominent mounuments in a city full of monuments--with the help of a dozen Gitans (Gypsies).  More...

750-word French vocabulary and pronunication guide included. 

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München Madness: Die Katzen of the C.I.A.
ISBN 13: 978-1935632-31-3
ISBN 10: 1-935632-31-0
Trade Paperback 265 pages
Fully Illustrated $19.95
Juvenile Reader/Crossover to Adult Reader

With the help of Interpol from Rome, the Brigade Criminelle from Paris and a top secret world-renowned intelligence service, the Cats of the C.I.A. track Carlos the puma, international terrorist for hire, to München (Munich) in Bavaria (Bayern). More...




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Kremlin Kerfuffle: Koshki of the CIA
ISBN 13: 978-1940130453
ISBN 10: 194013045X
Trade Paperback 176 pages
Fully Illustrated $19.95
Juvenile Reader/Crossover to Adult Reader

In the seventh book of the Cats of the CIA series, Buzzer Louis, Cincinnati the dancing pig, Dusty Louise, and the kitten twins--Luigi and Luisa—are dispatched secretly to Moscow to help the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) track down the opium smuggling panda from China, Ar-Chee....more


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Beijing Ding-A-Ling: Mao of the CIA
ISBN-10: 1681790203
ISBN-13: 978-1681790206
Trade Paperback 180 pages
Fully Illustrated $19.95
Juvenile Reader/Crossover to Adult Reader

Yes, they’re back . . . and more lovable than ever. The Cats of the CIA. In this, their eighth international adventure, Buzzer, Dusty, Cincinnati the dancing pig, and the precocious twins—Luigi and Luisa-- head for the Peoples’ Republic of China. . . . more


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George Arnold’s 19th Book and the 9th in the Cats of the CIA Set

Pharaohs’ Follies: Kits of the CIA
Adventures in Egypt
ISBN 10: 1-68179-074-2
ISBN 13: 978-1-68179-074-9
200 Pages 
Format: Trade Paperback
Fully Illustrated

What happens when the President of the U.S. learns that some unsavory scientists are hiding in a pyramid in Egypt using bones of ancient pharaohs to clone a new race to take over the Middle East?  Read more


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Rumble in Recífe: Os Gatos of the CIA
Aventuras em Brasil
Ninth book in the Secret Cats of the CIA Series

By George Arnold

ISBN: 978-1-68179-100-5
216 pages
Trade Paperback

Suddenly, the International Cat Futebol Association (IFCA), headquartered in Brasilia, the capital of Brasil, finds itself the target of a gang of illegal gamblers seeking to “fix” soccer games and prosper from betting on them. The head of the association implores POTUS, President of the US, to send special investigators to ferret out the heads of the ring and put a stop to their unscrupulous activities that threaten to ruin the IFCA’s reputation for fairness and sportsmanship. Read more

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Your Mama’s Not in Yokohama
Nekos of the CIA

In this 10th book in the Cats of the CIA Adventure set, the Japanese Ambassador to the US, a large Basset hound, says his mother has disappeared in Yokohama. Has she just wandered off and gotten lost? Has she been kidnapped? The secret Cats of the CIA intend to find her and return her to her son in Washington, D.C.  More


Detective Craig Rylander Mysteries

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A Detective Craig Rylander Clover-Series Mystery
by George Arnold and Ken Squier

Adult Fiction Trade Paperback
256 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-935632-05-4
ISBN 10:1-935632-05-1




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UNDERCURRENTS: The Van Pelt Enigma
A Detective Craig Rylander Clover-Series Mystery
by George Arnold and Ken Squier

Adult Fiction Trade Paperback
368 Pages, Illustrated
ISBN 13:978-1-935632-24-5
ISBN 10:1-935632-24-8




A Detective Craig Rylander Clover-Series Mystery
by George Arnold and Ken Squier

Release Date:  December, 2012

Eakin Press, A Division of Sunbelt Media – Waco, Texas
ISBN 13:   978-1-935632-36-8
ISBN 10:   1-935632-36-1
MysteryTrade Paperback
400 Pages, Illustrated




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Adventures of the Church-Lady Gang
A Conspiracy of Crones
by George Arnold and Ken Squier

Eakin Press, An Imprint of Wild Horse Media Group
ISBN 13:978-1940130-32-3ISBN 10: 1-940130-32-8
Mystery Comedy—For Readers 12 and older
206 Pages, Illustrated







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Another Detective Craig Rylander Mystery
Mulligan: Justice Reclaimed
ISBN-10: 1681790572
ISBN-13: 978-1681790572

What happens when a murder investigation goes off the rails and a young woman is convicted of second-degree murder when evidence is lacking and her attorney has never before tried a criminal case?  Read more




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Fire and Ice: Beyond Alchemy
ISBN 13: 978-1-940130-82-8
ISBN 10: 1940130-82-4
Adult Mystery
258  Pages

A basketball-sized chunk of the heavy metal Plutonium rises to the earth’s surface on the northern Siberian plain. First to discover its presence, Monica Skrabacz, head of the Russian Desk at the CIA, and former 15-year field operative, immediately fears two things:  . . . more



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Tragedy of the Commons
Dark Prophesies

By George Arnold and Ken Squier

ISBN 10: 1-68179-090-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-68179-090-9
278 pages
Trade Paperback
Fully illustrated

When a strange 480-acre compound enclosed in 10-foot fences topped by razor wire springs up in Southwest Austin, Texas, Lt. Craig Rylander, commander of Austin PD detectives starts to investigate to find out what’s going on. As his team looks into the compound, a bizarre and macabre story begins to unfold, exposing a psychopath cult leader calling himself the reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah. Read more

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Ramblin’ Rogue
Texas Ranger Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz

By George Arnold

ISBN 13:        978-1-68179-111-0
ISBN 10:        1-86179-111-0
Trade Paperback
Pages: 286

Texas Ranger Captain Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz, retired after 36 years in law enforcement, 30 as a Texas Ranger, writes the story of his Ranger career. Ably assisted as manuscript readers by Austin PD Lieutenant Craig Rylander, Craig’s wife, child psychologist Dr. Amy Rylander, and Navajo Shaman John Greycloud, Lobo recounts the unvarnished stories of his work against drug lords, child abusers, sex traffickers, corrupt public officials, and serial criminals. Read More

Nonfiction Humor

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Growing Up Simple: An Irreverent Look at Kids in the 1950s
Foreword by Texas humorist Liz Carpenter
ISBN 1-57168-071-3
Trade Paperback 6 X 9 260 Pages
42 Vintage Photographs

    This multi-award winning nonfiction novel is a fun and funny account of the incredible hijinks of a small band of merry pranksters, overachievers of the first order, who grew up in the placid, black-and-white world of the ‘50s, a time when life was simple and the only major fear kids had to face was the ever-present threat of polio. Winner of the IPPY Humor Award as the funniest book published in North America in 2003; the Violet Crown Award as the best nonfiction book by a Texas author of 2003; and a coveted Silver Spur from the Texas Public Relations Association.


See Reviews


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Chick Magnates, Ayatollean Televangelist,
& A Pig Farmer’s Beef
Inside the Sometimes Hilarious World of Advertising
ISBN  1-934645-19-2 
Trade Paperback 6 X 9, 216 Pages
Vintage Photographs

    A nonfiction novel, hilariously funny and (almost) totally true, Chick Magnates, Ayatollean Televangelist, & A Pig Farmer’s Beef is the story of the amazingly off-the-wall-clever people of one of the Southwest’s more creative advertising agencies between 1973 and 1998. It’s the story of how creativity, applied when least expected and always in unorthodox fashion, overcame almost any obstacle to the agency’s and its clients successes – clients like chick magnate Bo Pilgrim, the surprisingly Muslim-like business precepts of Reverend Pat Robertson’s CBN, a larcenous Iowa pig farmer turned producer of some unbelievably nutritious beef, and many more, from other-worldly utility types at TXU to soft drink purveyor Pepsi Cola to both Dallas newspapers, Safeway’s Tom Thumb Supermarkets, super-Aggie ‘Bum’ Bright, and a host of others.

    It’s a business primer from the real world – where the rubber meets the road – told in Arnold’s confidential, talking-only-to-you storytelling style, a style reminiscent of James Herriot and Mark Twain.

    Entertaining and informative, even if you don’t care a whit about advertising.


How-To Book for Writers Who Want to Be Published

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BestSeller: Must-Read Author’s Guide to Successfully Selling Your Book
ISBN 1-57168-799-8 
Trade Paperback 6 X 9  150 Pages
Fully Illustrated

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the author as marketer, presented with unprecedented humor and style. This book educates, inspires and occasionally frightens. Accompanied by 90-minute interactive workshop conducted by the author for writers’ groups.



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