Confliction: A Moral Enigma


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Another Detective Craig Rylander Clover Mystery

By George Arnold and Ken Squier

Felix Pavlovich, pretender to the throne of a new monarchy in Russia and head of a 200-year-old international assassination ring, has promised to hunt down and kill Craig and everyone associated with the Austin Police Detective. While Pavlovich recuperates from injuries Craig inflicted on him, Rylander turns the tables. Taking a leave of absence from APD, Craig, a beautiful rookie detective from Tucson (Gady Esparza), and John Greycloud, a world-renowned tracker and Navajo Shaman, set out on a worldwide hunt . . . a hunt to capture or kill Pavlovich and put an end to his assassination ring.

The hunt takes them to Mexico, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Mogadishu, the Italian Alps, Paris and Moscow in search of a final reckoning. All the while, Pavlovich is planning their deaths.

When they meet on the same turf, which side will prevail? Good? Or Evil?

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