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George's new friend Ryan is going to read about
cats and pigs--at Barnes & Noble in Dallas.

    Mr. was an unexpected pleasure meeting you last night in the bookstore. I had wandered in with nothing in mind beyond spending a few minutes browsing while my wife was shopping next door at Chico’s. I enjoyed our conversation and am enjoying your book. The title reminds me of Russell Baker’s GROWING UP, another reminiscence I greatly enjoyed.

    Best wishes as you finish your latest work.

    Michael Moorhead

Rachel is going to be a great author one day.



Isabella's reading about Cats of the CIA in Houston.

My new friend Bella is 
learning all about Egypt and the pyramids



George's new best friend visited him
at Barnes & Noble in Vanderbilt Square in Houston.

My new friend Sue came to see me
at Barnes & Noble's River Oaks store on Saturday.
And again on Sunday.



Karim is reading about Egypt and
planning to learn more about Paris and the French language.

Jude is learning Spanish with the help
of the Cats of the CIA at Barnes & Noble in Houston.



Rujeena wants to learn some Spanish
at Barnes & Noble in Houston.

New Houston Friends Leland and Hamilton
plan to learn about several new countries
and how to speak their languages.


Ashton Hall

New friend Ashton is going to learn
some more Portuguese in the CIA cats book set in Brazil.

It is an unusual to come across a book that intrigues me so much that I read the entire volume in one or two sessions. That was the case when I picked up George Arnold’s Ramblin’ Rogues. It’s “a good read” – well written, entertaining, and informative.

  • Developing characters in a work of fiction so they “leap from the page” and become real in the mind of the reader is a tough challenge. Arnold accomplishes that in “Rogues.” The main character, Alfredo “Lobo” Diez, is a recently retired Texas Ranger Captain who has collaborated in solving mysteries facing detectives of the Austin Police Department. He assumes some of the attributes of the author’s uncle, who was a pilot in WWII, then Chief Pilot for the Texas Department of Public Safety, and a real Texas Ranger.
  • One of the three main characters is female. She’s a Ph.D. child psychologist and spouse of the other main character, Commander of the Austin Police Department Detective Bureau. We also meet a Navajo shaman; the head of the Russian desk at the CIA; a detective who knows how and when to bend the rules; and other, equally interesting folks from five countries.
  • The plot takes us through tales of the Texas Rangers, who earned the reputation of effectively handling “one riot, one Ranger.” Exciting and sometimes touching, each episode is interesting.
  • Arnold’s numerous interviews, combined with his personal experiences and his research, have combined to produce a work that could be considered the diary of a Texas Ranger – it’s that realistic.
  • Jim Haynes


George meets new friend Roberto from Brasil
at Barnes & Noble in Houston.


    You are right George; your story is a hoot! I'm just beginning chapter 3, but already I am compelled to read more and am laughing aloud even when I am alone!

    I especially liked the wee wee hanging out, Archibald and John Joe, and writing names in yellow snow. I had totally forgotten that as well as the term wee wee.

    I have a question if you have time. By simple, do you mean "ignorant" or "easy" or both? Could be a pun. Is it?

    I am glad you chose writing for your career; you're terrific at it, and I will read more of your stories after I finish those books that I started but suspended when I opened your book.

    Many thanks,


My new friend Jenny is going to read all about the secret cats of the CIA.
She found it at the Barnes & Noble store in Deerbrook Mall in Humble.

Joaquin Wants to read all  about Moscow
and learn to speak some Russian as well.
At Deerbrook Mall in Houston.



Luke is learning about the pyramids in Egypt
and how to speak a bit of Arabic.

New friend Alejandro is going to learn some French
at Barnes & Noble in Houston.






Gabriella plans to learn some more Spanish
at Barnes & noble in River Oaks in Houston.





She may even read the book to her black cat, who is obviously a princess.




Jackson is brushing up on his German
at Barnes & Noble in Frisco's Stonebriar Centre



Blake and his dad are going to read
some Cats of the CIA books together.
At Barnes & Noble's Preston-Royal store in Dallas.

Cooper decides to learn another language
at Barnes & Noble in Firewheel Town Center in Garland.





My new friend Maria already speaks Spanish,
and now she wants to add German to her languages.
At Barnes & Noble in River oaks in Houston.

New friend Lana picks out a Cats of the CIA book at Barnes & Noble in Garland.



New friends Wyatt and Quinn are going to meet the cats of the CIA at Barnes & Noble in Frisco

Science teacher Tara picks up a few pointers on radioactivity while her children decide to bone up on Italian and French at Barnes & Noble
at Deerbrook Mall in Humble



Gleason's going to learn all about China--
at Barnes & Noble in Houston.

Frankie wants to learn some Italian
 at Barnes & Noble in Houston.



Dear George---may I call you George?  After reading Growing Up Simple I feel we are good friends.
My granddaughter Kennedy, her mom Emily, and I met you at the Barnes and Noble in Houston about a month or so ago.  (My husband is going through chemo at M D Anderson.  Wayne and I live in Austin—he’s an old Austin boy).
I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your “nonfiction Novel”.  It truly is charmingly funny and so appreciated by someone in the same age group as you, the original “In-Betweeners”.  I have bought 3 more copies of Growing Up Simple to share with others who share the In-Betweener status and also enjoy reading.
Thank you for sharing your life stories with us, and please continue to be a voice for our generation.
You asked me to send you this picture of Kennedy (Garza---yes, a flaming redheaded Garza!), age 7.  She is presently reading your book.
Sharon (and Wayne too!)
Members in good standing of the In-Betweeners

George makes a new friend
who wants to learn more about Egypt
and the pyramids . . . and to speak a little Arabic.



The George brothers are going to learn some Spanish and French from the Cats of the CIA
at the Vanderbilt Square Barnes & Noble in Houston

New friend Joaquin is going to try another language
at Barnes & Noble in Houston



Melissa's brushing up on her Spanish before heading to Ecuador.

Jayden starts to learn to speak German
 at Barnes & Noble in Deerbrook Mall in Humble



Meera and Lindsay decide to learn a foreign language
at Barnes & Noble's Westheimer's Crossing store in Houston

Camryn is taking up three new language studies
at Barnes & Noble in Dallas,



Ariel decides to learn to speak some Italian
at Barnes & Noble in Houston

Sarah decides to learn to speak some Spanish at Barnes & Noble's River Oaks store in Houston.



Geiana is learning about Egyptian history
and how to speak Arabic at Barnes & Noble's Firewheel store in Garland.

Madison wants to learn about Egypt
and the Arabic language at Barnes & noble in Firewheel Town Centre in Garland.



Brothers Connor and Richard decided to learn some German at Barnes & Noble in Deerbrook Mall in Humble

George's new friend Emerson
will be learning some Spanish.
At the Preston-Royal Barnes & Noble in Dallas.



Mia and Marlie with their dad, Robert,
at Barnes & Noble in Plano.

Mr. Arnold,
I met you at Barnes & Noble a few days ago (on W. Gray in Houston) and I bought one of your novels, CONFLICTION. I am enjoying the heck out of your book! You indicated you get inspiration from Ludlum, LeCarre and others. You beat Ludlum. Not sure yet about LeCarre because I only read THE RUSSIA HOUSE.  You beat Ludlum because your characterization is so much better. This is a very engaging and well written book! Planning to write a review on Amazon (if the book is sold on Amazon). Take care and have a great week!
Terry Soileau

Kathryn is going to learn some Italian
with her new book from Barnes & noble in
River Oaks Shopping Center in Houston.



Madison is going to learn some Spanish
at Barnes & Noble in Humble.

Liz is reading about the lives of her parents in the 1950s at Barnes & Noble in Plano.


Ronnie, who already speaks some Spanish, is ready to learn Italian at Barnes & Noble in Plano.

George meets a fun and funny new friend at Barnes & Noble in Dallas. Victoria already speaks English and Spanish.
And she want to keep learning.



David, Abigail, and Rachel are about to learn about the Cats of the CIA at Barnes & Noble in Garland.

Mary grabs three Cats of the CIA books to send to her grandchildren, At Barnes & Noble in Garland.



Jorge is learning French, starting at Barnes & Noble's Westheimer store in Houston

Adelie wants to visit Paris with the Cats of the CIA. At Barnes & Noble in River Oaks in Houston.



Valeria already speaks Spanish, and now she's learning Italian. At River Oaks Barnes & Noble in Houston.

What happens when you mix Hunt For Red October suspense, Team America's World Police's politics humor, and Back to the Future's Science background? You get Fire & Ice.

Fire and Ice is a fun and original piece of literature that has a strong non-fictional setting. In this book you'll find real settings, real people, and a real good time.

Some of the many places visited include North Korea, USA, Iran, and Russia which is where are piece of plutonium lies. The plot is that a piece of plutonium the size of a basketball came out of the earth in Russia. Everyone notices it and is interested of its worth. The race is on to see who can get to the chunk first and see if we can keep it out of Iran's and North Korea's hands.

In the end this is a fun, suspenseful, crazy tale that will leave you on the edge of your chair, beanbag, cliff, etcetera.
4/5 Stars: A Must Read!

-Ian Dessauer

Annora 2, Janet and Annora 3 visit with George
at Barnes & Noble in Houston.



Alexander is brushing up on his Spanish
at Barnes & Noble in Houston.

Lucas tries to figure out which language
he's most interested in at Barnes & Noble in Plano.



Zachary is going to learn some Italian
at Barnes & Noble in Plano.

Sisters Devin and Raven want to learn Italian and German with the Cats of the CIA in Houston at Barnes & Noble.



Daniel digs into a Detective Craig Rylander mystery at Barnes & Noble in Houston.

 Micaela is going to learn some Russian
at the Baybrook Mall Barnes & Noble in Webster.




More children in Houston are learning Spanish from the Cats of the CIA.

Katie wants to learn some German
at Barnes & Noble in Plano.



Nyla decides to learn some Russian
at Barnes & Noble's Vanderbilt Square store in Houston.

Lucas wants to learn more about Moscow and the Russian people at Barnes & Noble in Houston.



Tavishka wants to learn some German
at Barnes & Noble in Lewisville."

Georges 41 and 43 try to outsell George Number 1
at Barnes & Noble in the River Oaks Shopping Center in Houston.



Annabelle and her mom are going multi-lingual at Barnes & Noble in the River Oaks Shopping Center.

Priscila and Laura, already fluent in Spanish, >>
decide to add Russian and Italian to their understanding of languages.  At Deerbrook Mall Barnes & Noble in Humble,
 north of Houston.



<< Rick decides to learn another language
 Barnes & Nobles River Oaks store in Houston.

Vedika visits with George >>
 River Oaks Barnes & Noble in Houston.



<< Katie wants to learn German from the Cats of the CIA at Barnes & Noble's Firewheel Town Center store in Garland.

Kira wants to learn some German and Italian.>>
Barnes & Noble in Baybrook Mall near NASA.


I Loved Tango with a Puma!

Querido Cincinnati y sus amigos del crimen de lucha,

Hola mis amigos! Me encantó leer sobre sus viajes a Buenos Aires y la captura de Carlos El Puma! Me gustó cómo su amigo George Arnold describió la historia con todo detalle. Estoy muy contento de que usted tomó por Carlos el Puma y lo detuvo ... por lo menos por un ratito! Espero que comprar y leer la siguiente cuenta de sus aventuras, Eiffels Bagatelas y dificultades! Conocí a su amigo George Arnold hace unas semanas en la librería Barnes and Noble de dónde saqué Tango con un Puma. Espero que tengas buena suerte en su próxima misión en París y vive mucho tiempo.

Su amigo, Patrick Realyvasquez

P.S: AMO dulce de leche demasiado Luigi y Luisa


<< She likes nonfiction . . . and humor. She came to the right place at Barnes & Noble's River Oaks store where she found two of the funniest true stories ever told . . . and the humorist who told them.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your biography about your work in advertising. The accolades were true. Rarely do I issue a hearty laugh, and I have done several times, in public no less! Utterly brilliant. -- Best, Marshall H.

Zoe wants to learn some German words with the Cats of the CIA at Barnes & Noble in Houston.

Brody gets acquainted with the Cats of the CIA at the Barnes & Noble Westheimer Crossing store in Houston.

Cousins Tiffany and Rhys learn French and Italian from
the Cats of the CIA at Deerbrook Mall in Humble.

Storm, in the Warriors shirt, decides to learn to speak some Italian.
At Barnes & Noble in River Oaks in Houston.


Young Pablo, already fluent in English and Spanish, decides to learn Italian,
a very similar language. At Barnes & Noble's River Oaks store in Houston.



Los Gatos of the C.I.A. promises to again bring out my inner child who, by the way, has never grown up.
D. Scoggins, Lago Vista, Texas

A very special letter from Julianne, George’s granddaughter:


Dear George --  I was glad to meet you in Barns & Noble in Denton yesterday around lunch time. I finished your book today. I enjoy it.
I hope to read a new one of your books. I have two questions:

  1. Could you send me the photo of the animals?
  2. Where did you get the idea of Carlos/Puma count Freidrich Von stuffel and Eberhard Faber/the Pencil.

All the best!
Alex Zhao


To: C.I.A. Cats, Pigs, and George Arnold
From: Claire and Abigail

I am reading your book when you are tracking down Carlos the Puma in France. Why did Cincinnati call the flying machine 'The Flying Pig Machine'? And why did Luigi want to  go to the 'famous' sewers of Paris? I like how you put how to say colors and numbers at the end of each chapter. I've been asking my mom and dad how to say stuff like the number one million and the color red and orange, etc.

P.S. We met you at the Deerbrook mall on 11/18/12.


Alexa, at Berkman Books in Fredericksburg


First of the CIA Cats books I have read, but now I'm ready to read them and introduce them to my grandchildren. Love the inclusion of foreign words. Genius!! -- Connie C., Pasadena, Texas


As promised, I read your book and am now emailing you.  I met you Saturday at the Barnes & Noble at Firewheel Mall.  I am the one who said the books I like best are the ones I don’t have to read.

So I am not a ‘reader’.  I prefer to listen to books…mostly because I can do other things like cleaning and still get the benefit of a good story.  The other reason I am not a reader is because most of the time, before I get to the end of a chapter, I have forgotten what I read.

That being said, your book was very easy for me to read—which I not only liked, but appreciated.  I was surprised at the ending—it was unexpected, and honestly I was quite angry when Evelyn was re-elected. The ending fit well.

I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you have a great day.




Dear George,

Despite the fact that I read your book called "Enigma: A Mystery" within days of purchasing it, it took me a year to write you back. I'm very sorry about that because the book was witty and simply fantastic! I can't wait to see more "mystery" books from you! When I met you at our local Barnes & Noble store in Webster, TX, you mentioned possibly writing about Russian CIA Cats for kids. How is it going for you? I'd love to read it, especially if it's in my native Russian :) Please, never quit writing as you've got a great talent and a wonderful personality. We would like to see you back in our area soon!

Your reader,

Yana Posey


Hi Ken,

I met you back in 2011 at a Barnes & Noble in Fort Worth, Texas. You signed a copy of your book, Enigma A Mystery. I finally got to sit down and read it and it only took me two days because when I read something I like, it is hard to put it down.

Your title says it all. And as you wrote in my book: "Things" are seldom what they seem to be.

I am looking forward to getting the next book, Undercurrents: The Van Pelt Enigma. I am sure I will enjoy it as much as have this one.

May your life be filled with joy and happeniness and your pen never runs out of words.

Johnny Tucker
Everman, TX


Dear Mr. Arnold,

I recently found your book Growing Up Simple & thoroughly enjoyed it (read most of it to my husband, who also enjoyed it). You tell a great story!

We moved to the Austin area from up north in ’91, & will always regret that we never experienced it as the wonderful “small town” city you grew up in. It must have been a special place.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Sara S.


(I) have started on the first couple of chapters of Growing Up Simple. Already I’ve been reminded of so many of my own childhood memories growing up in the 1950s in San Antonio, Texas. I can’t stop smiling and letting out a chuckle now and then.
  -- Deanie S., Lago Vista, TX





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