In The Works


Two New Novels Coming Soon from George Arnold and Eakin Press

Rumble in Recífe: Os Gatos of the CIA

    POTUS dispatches the four Cats of the CIA and their sidekick Cincinnati the dancing pig to Brazil to investigate a cat soccer-league gambling syndicate. This time they take their boss, Socks, along for reasons they won’t understand until their investigation is well underway. They catch up to a red-tailed hawk and his crazy chicken partner, seemingly heads of the syndicate in Recífe in the state of Pernambuco. While they deal with avatars, will they be able to shut down the crooked gambling gambit? One thing’s for sure: they will learn to speak considerable Portuguese, the national language of Brazil.

    To be released late summer 2017

Ramblin’ Rogue: Texas Ranger Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz

    Recently retired following a 30-year career as a Texas Ranger, former Captain Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz is persuaded to write a book about his career in one of the world’s most respected criminal investigation organizations. From Argentina to Suriname to Belize, all over Mexico and the Texas border, Lobo’s unadorned recount of his career put the mission and the accomplishments of the Rangers on public display. What you don’t know about this sometimes flamboyant but often understated group of criminal investigators will surprise you as Lobo reveals some of the secrets of his unorthodox, but effective investigation style.

    To be released early in 2018


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