Munchen Madness


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München Madness: Die Katzen of the C.I.A.

With the help of Interpol from Rome, the Brigade Criminelle from Paris and a top secret world-renowned intelligence service, the Cats of the C.I.A. track Carlos the puma, international terrorist for hire, to München (Munich) in Bavaria (Bayern). There they set an elaborate, yet simple, trap for the big cat—a trap involving a wacky Count, a plastic-egg laying mechanical hen named Syracuse, and a surprising tribe of indigenous natives from the rain forests of Brazil. POTUS, President of the U.S., authorizes a risky plan that finds Luigi and Luisa kidnapped by Carlos while Buzzer, Dusty Louise and Cincinnati the dancing pig hitch a ride from Munich to South America on a secret, ultrasonic spy plane at Mach-3.5 and 85,000 feet.

Will the trap work?

Check out this sixth book in the Cats of the C.I.A. set and learn to speak considerable formal German via a 750-word vocabulary and pronunciation guide built right into the story.

6th book in the CIA Cats series:

München Madness: Die Katzen of the C.I.A.

by George Arnold

Translations: Marion Woodfield
Illustrations: Jason Eckhardt

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