Ramblin' Rogue Texas Ranger Alfredo Lobo Diaz

Ramblin_Rogue_Cover_200Ramblin’ Rogue
Texas Ranger Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz

Author:          George Arnold                                                Publisher:       Eakin Press
Release Date: February 2018                                                 Genre:           Mystery Novel
ISBN 13:        978-1-68179-111-0                                         ISBN 10:        1-86179-111-0
Trade Paperback
Pages: 286
Illustrator: Jason Eckhardt
Publisher’s Price:      $19.95                                                 Words: 86,000

Brief Synopsis

Texas Ranger Captain Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz, retired after 36 years in law enforcement, 30 as a Texas Ranger, writes the story of his Ranger career. Ably assisted as manuscript readers by Austin PD Lieutenant Craig Rylander, Craig’s wife, child psychologist Dr. Amy Rylander, and Navajo Shaman John Greycloud, Lobo recounts the unvarnished stories of his work against drug lords, child abusers, sex traffickers, corrupt public officials, and serial criminals.

Set where the action occurred—along the Texas border, in Mexico and Central America, and in several South American countries, Lobo’s recount explores the creative strategies he mastered in his three-decade fight against crime and corruption.

Available at all Barnes & Noble Booksellers, many independent book stores, on www.BN.com, and www.amazon.com in both print and electronic editions.

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