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From Readers on  Growing Up Simple In Texas

A must read for every 50's kid, September 30, 2003
By Tom Lichtenwalter (Duncanville, Texas

I enjoyed this book more than I can say. I laughed my way through every chapter and memories of my own adventures came flooding into my head. I felt like I was sitting in the same room with the author, listening to him tell these great stories of growing up in the hill country of Texas. I hope he writes another book and shares the stories he thought he shouldn't tell. This is a great read for everyone, especially if you grew up in the 1950's 

Growing Up Simple In Texas, July 16, 2002
By Pat Heffernan (Deer Park,TX.77536)

This has to be one of more entertaining books I have read lately, and I happen to be an "in betweener".Talk about deja vu,when George was relating his experiences in San Antonio, I could have just inserted my self right then and there and gone back to 1955 and I was a 10yr.old kid riding my bicycle through the streets of ole San Antonio.There was the Aztec and Majestic Theaters,Breckinridge Park, the same places I would haunt as I'm sure did thousands of other 10 year olds did with the same amazement that obviously George Arnold and myself experienced. As I read the tale about Mr.Lippy and the Red Coats, that's when our bed began to shake from my laughter and I was then invited to finish "that damn book downstairs".Well now it's my turn to tell my wife "Honey I have already read this book and you don't have to tell me about it OK"!

My real hope is that this will be picked up by Hollywood and made into a film,much in the style of Steel Magnolias or The Ya Ya Sisterhood.After all that has gone on these last two years of tragedy I'm ready for a "heartwarm bellylaugh".
Good work George from one "in betweener to another".

Growing Up Simple In Texas, July 10, 2003
By Lynn Adler (Winnsboro, Texas)

Every story in this book contains hallowed and hilarious moments. "Growing Up Simple..." takes you back, even if you've never been there. Case in point: while riding in the car with two friends (one 53 and one 13), I read aloud from George Arnold's book. We all laughed out loud, and often. But at the end of each chapter, it was the 13-year-old who chanted "read another one!!" That should tell you something of the timelessness of these charmingly told tales.

Re-Reading Growing Up Simple...In Texas, April 30, 2008
By  Irish Jack (Texas, USA) 

This past week when I was considering ordering another book by George Arnold
I decided to re-read his Growing Up Simple and am still laughing.Although I grew up in Houston in an earlier generation, Mr.Arnold has really keyed in on many of the things that differentiate a Texas childhood and beyond from other areas where I have lived and done it in such a brilliant manner one does not have to be a Texan to enjoy his sometimes wild humor. As I stated previously I am still laughing from my second reading.

The Way We Were, July 11, 2002
By Sara (Fredericksburg, Tx United States)

For anyone between 12 and 102, but especially for those over 40, this book is hilarious. The comment on the book cover from the author's mother says it all: "Itis my fervent prayer that Billy Graham never reads this book!" Check it out.

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