Rumble in Receife: Os Gatos of the CIA

Rumble-Cover-200Rumble in Recífe: Os Gatos of the CIA
Aventuras em Brasil

Ninth book in the Secret Cats of the CIA Series

Publisher: Eakin Press, a Division of Wild Horse Media Group, Fort Worth, Texas

Author: George Arnold 
Translator: Isabel Alencar     
Illustrator: Jason Eckhardt
Trade Paperback           216 Pages        
Price:  $ 19.95
ISBN: 978-1-68179-100-5

Brief Synopsis
Suddenly, the International Cat Futebol Association (IFCA), headquartered in Brasilia, the capital of Brasil, finds itself the target of a gang of illegal gamblers seeking to “fix” soccer games and prosper from betting on them. The head of the association implores POTUS, President of the US, to send special investigators to ferret out the heads of the ring and put a stop to their unscrupulous activities that threaten to ruin the IFCA’s reputation for fairness and sportsmanship.

POTUS knows one group that can always get the job done. The top-secret Cats of the CIA—Cats in Action. Fresh from capturing rogue scientists in Egypt seeking to clone a new race of super Pharaohs from the DNA from bones of Ancient Pharaohs, Buzzer Louis Giaccomazza, his younger sister Dusty Louise, their tiny twin siblings Luigi and Luisa, and accompanied for the first time by their boss from the White House basement, Socks, jump aboard their associate – Cincinnati the Dancing Pig’s shiny new Gulfstream 650 and head for Recífe, seemingly headquarters of the gamblers on the east coast of Brasil.

Will the CIA cats and Cincinnati be able to stop the gamblers before they ruin the finances and reputation of the IFCA? The race is on!

Readership Specifications
48.000 Words
1% passive verbs
78.0 Flesch Readership Ease
4.5 Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

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