School Visits


Fun and Educational School Programs
for Students Grades 4 Through 8
From Texas Author George Arnold

Interactive Discussion Sessions

    Author George Arnold is experienced at leading in-class discussions aimed at motivating and educating students in upper elementary and middle school grades. Typical 45-minute sessions include a brief reading from one of the author’s books for juvenile readers followed by student participation in one or more Q & A discussion subjects. Typical discussion topics include:

  • Why is being a reader important?
  • Why should I learn more than one language?
  • What’s it like to be a writer?
  • I think I might like to write books, too. How do I get started?
  • How can I develop my creativity and put my imagination to work?

Other topics can be developed on short notice to accommodate current teaching needs.


Featured Books by George Arnold

    Hunt for Fred-X -- Basic Spanish
    Fred-X Rising -- Basic Italian
    Tango With A Puma -- Intermediate Spanish
    Eiffel’s Trifles and Troubles -- Basic French
    München Madness: Die Katzen of the C.I.A. -- Basic German
    Kremlin Kerfuffle: Koshki of the CIA
    Beijing Ding-a-Ling: Mao of the CIA
    Pharaoh’s Follies: Kits of the CIA
    Rumble in Recífe: Os Gatos of the CIA
    Coming 2018: Your Mama’s Not in Yokohama: Nekos of the CIA

Speaker Fees

    The author is yours for the day for up to six of the 45-minute discussion sessions or custom discussions of your choice. His fee for the day is $150, plus expenses. Typical expenses involve travel (mileage at 55.5-cents/mile) to and from Dallas, Texas.

Special Student Discounts on Books

    Publisher’s suggested retail price for the books is $18.95 to $22.95. The author is pleased to make copies available to students at the special discounted price of $15.00, tax included.


To schedule a school visit or book an appearance, contact George Arnold at (830) 456-3180,
email , or contact Wild Horse Media Group.

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