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 Introducing another Cats of the CIA Adventure

Pharaohs’ Follies: Kits of the CIA

What happens when the President of the U.S. learns that some unsavory scientists are hiding in a pyramid in Egypt using bones of ancient pharaohs to clone a new race to take over the Middle East?

What else? He sends the super-secret Cats of the CIA to check things out. And stop the craziness before it gets out of hand. Where will they find the scientists’ laboratory? And will The Curse of the Pharaohs keep them from bringing the scofflaws to justice? One thing’s for sure. They, and you, will tour some fantastic Egyptian pyramids.

And learn to speak some Arabic. You will too, with a 750-word and –phrase and pronunciation guide in Arabic, as spoken in Egypt.

George visits with Gracie Jones at Barnes & Noble in Houston. Click on author schedule above to find out when George will visit a bookstore near you.

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