Tragedy of the Commons

Tragedy-Cover200Seventh Novel in the Detective Craig Rylander Mystery Series

Tragedy of the Commons
Dark Prophesies

ISBN 10: 1-68179-090-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-68179-090-9

Authors: George Arnold, Dallas & Ken Squier, San Antonio
Illustrator: Jason Eckhardt, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Publisher: Eakin Press, A Division of Wild Horse Media Group, Fort Worth, Texas
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Retail Price:$ 19.95
278 Pages Trade Paperback Fully Illustrated

Brief Synopsis
     When a strange 480-acre compound enclosed in 10-foot fences topped by razor wire springs up in Southwest Austin, Texas, Lt. Craig Rylander, commander of Austin PD detectives starts to investigate to find out what’s going on. As his team looks into the compound, a bizarre and macabre story begins to unfold, exposing a psychopath cult leader calling himself the reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah.

     Elijah has attracted to his compound about 300 white-robed followers who are not allowed to leave and are seemingly forced to do manual labor inside, including digging rows of what appear to be graves and building crude wooden coffins and Eremite boxes. Maybe as cells.

     With the help of retired Texas Ranger Captain Alfredo “Lobo” Diaz, Navajo shaman John Greycloud, and head of the Russian Desk at the CIA, Monica Skrabacz,  the team’s investigation leads them strangely to Aruba and Curacao, Caribbean islands that are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

     Will the investigating team unravel the contorted puzzle before hundreds die in another James Jones-David Koresch fiasco? The clock is ticking.

83,000 Words
278 Pages
2% Passive Verbs
80.7 Flesch Reading Ease
4.5 Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

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